Again with MMDVM

Apparently there is an incompatibility between “Pi-Star:3.4.16 / Dashboard: 20180806” and the 1.3.7 MMDVM firmware that prevents things from working properly (the Pi-Star just sits there scrolling “IDLE”, nothing shows up in the activity display, and the Trx field under Radio Info is blank instead of at least saying “Listening”.  (Indeed I think my Pi-Star wasn’t receiving any activity at all.)  So I upgraded to the 1.4.6 firmware and it appears to be listening again, but other than my own test with the Parrot earlier this morning, nothing has shown up.

Weird.  Would be nice if there was some coordination where you could actually find out about these things before Pi-Star simply auto-upgrades you into oblivion.

Hmm, OK, seems to be working now, I just heard someone on 3118.